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CEA-SAMEF Senegal’s second institution to submit an RFI report

Senegal’s Centre d’excellence Africain pour la sante de la mere et de l’enfant (CEA-SAMEF) – African Centre of Excellence – Mother and Child Health – is the second institution to submit an RFI report for validation by the RFI team. This report will be reviewed and validated, after which CEA-SAMEF will be able to display the RFI logo on their website and documents.




The Université Alouine Diop de Bambey compiles first ever RFI report!

The Université Alouine Diop de Bambey, Senegal, is the first ever institution to compile and submit an RFI report, following the RFI implementation workshops that took place in Dakar, Senegal on 12-14 June, 2017.

This makes them potentially the first ever RFI institution, with Africa leading the way forward! The next step in the process will involve the RFI team validating the report, allowing the Université Alouine Diop de Bambey to use the RFI logo confirming their compliance with the RFI guidelines for Fair Research.



Indicator 1.4.3: Research outside national priorities and co-financing


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Additional Guidelines on Partnerships

If you are aware of any guidelines on partnerships that are not listed below, please do let us know by emailing us on, so that we can add them to our Evidence Base!

KFPE Guidelines 

University of Wisconsin-Extension – Evaluating Collaboratives: Reaching the Potential 

CGIAR: Successful Collaborative Partnerships: Key Elements and a Self-Assessment Inventory 

Wilder Collaboration Factors Inventory 


The Partnering Initiative’s Partnering Toolbook 

Verona Benchmark / Working Partnership 

EQUAL Guide for Development Partnerships 

Capacity Project Toolkit for Partnership Building 

Guidelines for Assessing Partnership Performance in Water and Sanitation 

IFPRI Guidelines for Public–private Partnerships for Agricultural Innovation 

World Bank Sourcebook for Evaluating Global and Regional Partnership Programs 

VicHealth Partnership Analysis Tool 

Partnership Assessment Toolkit – CCGHR 

The Partnership Toolbox (WWF) 


Indicator 3.15.3: Fair Research Contracting


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Indicator 3.15.2: Sponsor Requirements for Fair Research Partnerships


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Indicator 3.15.1: Partner Requirements for Fair Research Partnerships


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Topic 3.15: Expectation of all partners to adhere to a best practice standard in research collaborations

Draft National Guidelines for Biomedical and Health Research involving Human Participants – Indian Council of Medical Research (2016, p. 129-132) 

The Montreal Statement on Research Integrity in Cross-Boundary Research Collaborations

ALLEA – The European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity

Developing partnerships

The Implications of International Research Collaboration for UK Universities

North-South Research Partnership: Academia Meets Development?

Experiences and perceptions of South–South and North–South scientific collaboration of mathematicians, physicists and chemists from five southern African universities

Mapping of best practice regional and multi-country cooperative STI initiatives between Africa and Europe

North-South health research collaboration: challenges in institutional interaction.

Biomedical research and capacity building: Bilateral collaboration between research institutes in South Africa and Cameroon
North-South Research Partnerships: Lessons from the Literature 
Norrag News 41 – The New Politics of Partnership: Peril or Promise?

South-South Cooperation

North-South Research Partnership: Is Collaboration Possible between Unequal Partners?
Providing ethical guidance for collaborative research in developing countries
Making a Commitment to Ethics in Global Health Research Partnerships: A Practical Tool to Support Ethical Practice
Research partnerships to solve health problems
Understanding global health and development partnerships: Perspectives from African and global health system professionals