Research Fairness Initiative


Research Fairness Initiative (RFI) stands for equity in health research by providing the golden label for:

  • Fair and transparent partnerships: Identification of trustworthy research and innovation partnerships
  • Opportunities and risk assessment: Availability of a track record of performance of stakeholders for donors insitutions and investors
  • Reference system: Assurance of a reference system by which institutions can assess their progress in ‘best practices’

Based on a series of precisely developed indicators, the RFI is designed to provide an assessment tool to stakeholders to measure and report vital information that reflects their performance with respect to transparency, level of engagement, accountability and equity in their collaborations. Governments, institutions or researchers can use the RFI to examine and evaluate their respective research collaboration standards in order to get the confidence of where they stand in the ‘fair standards’ arena or how they can bring productive changes for improvement in their practices.


The Research Fairness Initiative is designed to work hand-in-hand with COHRED’s Fair Research Contracting. While, the RFI underscores the accountability of the stakeholders, it also increases the legitimacy and fairness of research collaboration along the standards set by Fair Research Contracting.

Access more information on the RFI here.