Publications about the RFI


  1. An article published in Globalization and Health mentions the RFI as a tool for improving research partnerships between high and LMIC partners.

    “Get us partnerships!” – a qualitative study of Angolan and Mozambican health academics’ experiences with North/South partnershipsCraveiro I, Carvalho A, Ferrinho P. 2020.

  2. The Nuffield Council on Bio-Ethics report titled Research in global health emergencies: ethical issues – highlighted the importance of fair and meaningful partnerships & reflects how the RFI supports active change in the way that research collaborations operate (Ref. Pg 172). It recommends that “Funders develop & implement effective & creative ways of promoting & supporting more equitable collaborations following the principles of the Research Fairness Initiative” (Ref. Pg 178).
  3. The RFI was mentioned as a tool for promoting equity in research partnerships in the UN Global Sustainable Development Report 2019.
  4. An article published in the BMJ Global Health highlights the RFI as tool for addressing power imbalances in research partnerships: Investing in health R&D: where we are, what limits us, and how to make progress in Africa. (2019). Simpkin, V, Namubiru-Mwaura, E, Clarke, L, &  Mossialos, E. 
  5. The RFI was briefly mentioned in a publication titled:
  6. Gates Open Research published an open letter on the RFI in November 2018. The letter is titled: The Research Fairness Initiative: Filling a critical gap in global research ethics. 2018. Lavery, J & IJsselmuiden, C.
  7. The National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine included a presentation on the RFI in their workshop booklet titled:Global Health Transitions and Sustainable Solutions: The Role of Partnerships: Proceedings of a Workshop (2018). 
  8. The RFI was mentioned in a blog post on the Michigan School of Public Health’s website, which discusses research in partnership between high and low income countries. The article is titled: Research Abroad: Understanding Local Contexts and Advocating for Change.
  9. The BMJ published an article on the RFI as an editorial. The article is titled:Towards equity in global health partnerships: adoption of the Research Fairness Initiative (RFI) by Portuguese-speaking countries. 2018. Carvalho, A., IJsselmuiden, C., Kaiser, K., Hartz, Z. & Ferrinho, P.
  10. The International Health Policies Newsletter published an article on the RFI titled: From good intentions to Equitable Solutions in Health Research Collaborations – The Research Fairness Initiative. 2018. Kaiser, K & IJsselmuiden, C.
  11. The RFI was listed in a the meeting report for Health 20: Policies for Innovation and Irreversible Progress. View the report here: Health 20: Policies for Innovation and Irreversible Progress Meeting report
  12. The Broker published an article on the RFI as a system which can be used to help institution building – an essential for LMIC institutions. The article can be found by following the link below: Beyond good intentions – fair research partnerships essential for resilience in low income countriesvan Schooten, H. & IJsselmuiden, C. (2018).
  13. An article was published on SciDev.Net which discussed the RFI and how it has helped Senegalese Institutions to identify gaps in their research policies.Research fairness tool reveals policy gaps2018. Irwin, A.
  14. The RFI was mentioned as an important ancilliary service for health research in a report by the Work Bank and Wellcome Trust entitled:  “Money & Microbes. Strengthening clinical research capacity to prevent epidemics“. (2018). Click here to view the report.
  15. Policies for Equitable Access to Health (PEAH) has published an article on funders and fair research partnerships:Fair Research Partnerships in European Commission Funded Research – Do We Know What is Actually Happening with Public Funds? 2018. IJsselmuiden, C. & Klipp, K.
  16. A chapter on the RFI was included in a book published in 2018 on Africa-Europe cooperation:

    Botti L, IJsselmuiden C, Kuss K, Mwangi E, Wagner IE. Equality in health research cooperation between Africa and Europe: the potential of the Research Fairness Initiative. In: Africa-Europe Research and Innovation Cooperation. Global challenges, bi-regional responses. Cherry A, Haselip J, Ralfphs G, Wagner IE, Eds. Palgrave Macmillan, Cham, Switzerland. 2018, 99-119. ISBN 978-3-319-69928-8 (hardcopy)  ISBN 978-3-319-69929-5 (eBook).

  17. Research Africa has released an article discussing how institutions in South Africa believe the RFI could benefit them, following a two-day workshop held in Cape Town in October 2017:

    Disadvantaged SA universities see promise in research fairness scheme. (2017). Nordling, L.

  18. The RFI was mentioned in a correspondence article by David Beran, Peter Byass, Aiah Gbakima, Kathleen Kahn, Osman Sankoh, Stephen Tollman, Miles Witham, and Justine Davies (2017) called “Bringing all together for research capacity building in LMICs” in The Lancet Global Health.
  19. The RFI is mentioned in a publication by Lyn Horn (2016) called “Promoting Responsible Research Conduct: A South African Perspective“. L, Horn. (2016). Promoting Responsible Research Conduct: A South African Perspective. Journal of Academic Ethics, 15(1), 59-72.
  20. The UK Collaborative on Development on Development Sciences (UKCDS) mentions the RFI in a report on  ‘Building Partnerships of Equals: The role of funders in equitable and effective international development collaborations’. (2017).
  21. Research Africa has shared a FAQs article on the Research Fairness Initiative.
  22. Policies for Equitable Access to Health (PEAH) has published an article on the Research Fairness Initiative on their website.
  23. The UK Collaborative on Development Sciences (UKCDS) have published a text on the Research Fairness Initiative in their blog.
  24. The Swiss National Science Foundation’s magazine, Horizons, made a mention of the Research Fairness Initiaitve in its editorial section.
  25. An interview was conducted by SciDev.Net on the Research Fairness Initiative following the RFI Conference in Brussels on September 28th, 2016.
  26. Research Africa followed up on the Research Fairness Initiative Conferene held in Brussels on September 28th, 2016, by publishing an article on the event and the way forward for the RFI.
  27. SciDev.Net published an article on the Research Fairness Initiative providing a summary on the discussions held at the RFI Conference in Brussels on September 28th, 2016. This event was organised by CAAST-Net Plus.
  28. The CAAST-Net Plus website published an article as front-page news on the Nigerian and Senegalese RFI Workshops in August 2016.
  29. Issue 7 of the CAAST-Net Plus Magazine in June 2016 discusses the outcome of the RFI Workshop in Kenya, hosted by the Kenya Medical Research Institute in collaboration with the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology (MOEST) and the Spanish Foundation for International Cooperation, Health and Social Affairs (FCSAI) through CAAST-Net Plus.
  30. SciDev.Net publication in April 2016 discussing the Research Fairness Initiative for the South East Asian context:
  31. Nature publication in May 2015 referring to the RFI (known as the CFI at the time):
  32. An interview by SciDev.Net of Martín Sepúlveda (IBM Fellow & Vice President, Health Systems and Policy Research at IBM Corporation) on the RFI in May 2015:
  33. Research Africa reported on the Research Fairness Initiative in April 2015:
  34. The Lancet published an article on ‘Fairness in international research & innovation partnerships for health, time for a certification process: Research Fairness Initiative’ in April 2015: COHRED Fairness Index for international collaborative partnerships. The Lancet. (2015). Musolino, N., Lazdins, J., Toohey, J and IJsselmuiden, C.
  35. Sack DA,Brooks V, Behan M, Cravioto A, Kennedy A, IJsselmuiden C, Sewankambo N. Improving International Research ContractingBull World Health Organ 2009;87:000–000 | doi:10.2471/BLT.08.058099