RFI Publications

COHRED Colloquium 5 meeting report

COHRED Colloquium 5 focused on the RFI and its development for the future. The meeting report can be accessed at the links below:


COHRED Colloquium 5 Meeting Report – Low Res

COHRED Colloquium 5 Meeting Report – High Res



Documents for Global Consultation 3

The introductory document for the Research Fairness Initiative (RFI) and the summary of indicators are available here for our third Global Consultation.

Previous versions of the current RFI documents

These previous documents show the evolution of the Research Fairness Initiative (RFI). Previously, the RFI was the COHRED Fairness Index (CFI), which had the same goal as the RFI, but proposed to assess fairness in partnerships as an index system. It was decided by TWG Members and other external input that a reporting system, as suggested by the RFI, provides more flexible means to address the same issues as the CFI to promote fair collaborations.