Technical Working Group

The development of Research Fairness Initiative is the result of a multi-sector consultation approach involving a Technical Working Group (TWG) with representative key stakeholders from NGOs, international organizations, philanthropies, donors, the public and private sector as well as academic institutions. Using rigorous methodology, these key figures in global research and innovation propose RFI as an important tool that highlights new opportunities for fair and equitable partnerships in resource limited settings.

With a size of 33 members, the Technical Working Group has been built to represent a wide spectrum of constituencies with close attention to balance in gender and geographical representation.


From September to November 2014, the Technical Working Group was consulted on a bi-weekly basis using 5 rounds of consultations that enquired on the following topics:

Round 1: Areas to be covered in the RFI
Round 2: Areas of impact of the RFI and measurable indicators
Round 3: Character and nature of the RFI
Round 4: How to make the RFI financially self-sufficient, how to ensure that it will remain neutral of funding sources
Round 5: How to make the RFI visible for implementation and how to keep it growing

Members of the Technical Working Group: 

  • Anatole Krattiger, WIPO
  • Andrew Cherry, Association of Commonwealth Universities
  • Charles Mgone, EDCTP
  • Cristiane Quental, Fiocruz
  • Eric Buch, University of Pretoria
  • Garry Aslanyan, TDR
  • Gerald Keusch , Boston University
  • Glaudina Loots, South Africa Dept. of Science and Technology
  • Glenda Gray, South African Medical Research Council
  • Jacintha Toohey, University of KwaZulu Natal
  • Jack Watters, Pfizer
  • Jackie Olang, Network of African Science Academies
  • Jennifer Dent, BIO Ventures for Global Health
  • Jens Hinricher, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
  • Jim Kaput, Nestlé, Switzerland
  • Jim Lavery, St. Michael’s Hospital
  • John Mugabe, University of Pretoria
  • Kanyawim Kirtikara, BIOTEC, Thailand
  • Kevin Marsh, KEMRI Wellcome Trust Research Programme
  • Konji Sebati, Innovative Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association, SA
  • Lola Adedokun, Doris Duke Charitable Foundation

  • Marième Ba, Pharmalys, UK & Senegal
  • Martin Sepúlveda, IBM Corporation
  • Merlita Opena, Philippine Council for Health Research and Development
  • Nelmara Arbex, Global Reporting Initiative
  • Nelson Sewankambo, Makerere University, Uganda
  • Orakanoke Phanraksa, National Science & Tech Devpt. Agency, Thailand
  • Pamela Andanda, School of Law, University of the Witwatersrand, SA
  • Prince Bahati, IAVI
  • Renata Curi, Fiocruz
  • Rieke van der Graaf, University Medical Center Utrecht, Netherlands
  • Rita Kabra, WHO, Departments of Reproductive health and Research, Making Pregnancy Safer and Health Systems, Switzerland
  • Robert Eiss, NIH/Fogarty International Center
  • Robert Fraser Terry, TDR
  • Sibongile Gumbi, Technology Innovation Agency – South Africa
  • Suresh Jadhav , Serum Institute India, India
  • Teodora Padilla, Pharmaceuticals and Health Care Association, Philippines
  • Thomas Bombelles, WIPO
  • Thomas Nyirenda, EDCTP
Formation of a New Technical Working Group

A new TWG is being selected for the next development phase of the RFI. The members of this new TWG have been allocated to various groups that will each examine a different RFI domain:


DPie Chart New TWGomain 1: Prince Bahati, Kevin Marsh, Jack Watters and Robert Terry

Domain 2: Thomas Bombelles, Cristiane Quental and Anatole Krattiger

Domain 3: Rieke van der Graaf and Francis Kombe

Domain 4: Glenda Gray

Domain 5: Pamela Andanda, Renata Curi, Jens Hinricher and Jacintha Toohey

Total Reviewers: Jim Lavery, Martin Sepulveda, Andrew Cherry, Suresh Jadhav and Jim Kaput


If you wish to join the Research Fairness Initiative Technical Working Group:

Please write to Your request will be forwarded to the Technical Working Group for review.

Please also find the Terms of Reference for participating in the new Technical Working Group here.