COHRED Colloquium 5 – A focus on the Research Fairness Initiative

On April 12, 2018, COHRED, in collaboration with the Swiss Commission for Partnerships with Developing Countries (KFPE) hosted COHRED Colloquium 5, an event that focused on the Research Fairness Initiative.

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Three main topics were discussed by participants:

1. Measuring Impact of the RFI – best measures for impact, best ways to communicate this, dealing with complexity

2. Governance of the RFI – moving from a ‘project’ to a globally accepted reporting standard

3. How can the RFI be improved – in general – and to support research funders in achieving their mission in funding global (health / development) research


There were 13 participants in total, from COHRED, KFPE, French IRD, UKCDS, UKRI, WHO/TDR, EUVADIS,  the Zambian Mission for Europe and the Graduate Institute, Geneva.

A link to the Colloquium Report will be posted in the near future.

The colloquium was a productive day which aided COHRED in decision making regarding how to move forward with the RFI, and ensure that it can work towards becoming a global standard for improving fairness in research partnerships.

Many thanks to all who participated, and contributed to working towards a better future for the RFI as a tool.