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• Springer Link. Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning in Nuclear Medicine and Hybrid Imaging pp 171–189 cites a chapter by I. Jurisica. – Integrative Computational Biology, AI, and Radiomics: Building Explainable Models by Integration of Imaging, Omics, and Clinical Data referencing the RFI (no.17) https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/978-3-031-00119-2_13 

• UKCDR. Four Approaches to Supporting Equitable Research Partnerships. 2022. The RFI is mentioned as a recommended resource. https://www.ukcdr.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/UKCDR_ESSENCE_Equitable_Research_Partnerships.pdf

• Lyn Horn, Sandra Alba, Fenneke Blom, Marlyn Faure, Eleni Flack-Davison, Gowri Gopalakrishna, Carel IJsselmuiden, Krishma Labib, Jim Lavery, Refiloe Masekela, Tope Olomola, Doris Schroeder, Natalie Simon, Christa Van Zyl, Sonia Vasconcelos, Retha Visagie, Francis Kombe. Fostering Research Integrity through the promotion of fairness, equity and diversity in research collaborations and contexts: Towards a Cape Town Statement (preconference discussion paper). Open Science Framework PrePrint : https://osf.io/bf286/ 16 May 2022

• World Conference on Research Integrity 2022. University of Cape Town 29 May-1 June 2022. Opening plenary will discuss fair partnerships and the RFI. https://wcri2022.org/programme/

• IJsselmuiden C, Bhattacharya B. Research Fairness Initiative – an evidence-based tool to build equitable and sustainable (research) partnerships. AFREHealth News, March/April 2022. African Forum for Research and Education in Health (AFREHealth). https://afrehealth.org

• Charles P. Larson, Katrina M. Plamondon, Leslie Dubent, Frank Bicaba, Abel Bicaba, Tran Hung Minh, An Nguyen, Jacques E. Girard, Jean Ramd , Theresa W. Gyorkosb. The Equity Tool for Valuing Global Health Partnerships. Global Health: Science and Practice 2022; 10 (2). https://www.ghspjournal.org/content/early/2022/04/18/GHSP-D-21-00316

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• Interview with IJsselmuiden C, Lavery J. 4 Ways to Decolonize Global Health. 4. Find Out If You’re A Colonizer/Decolonizer. Global Health NOW. Hopkins Bloomberg Public Health Magazine, 22 April 2022. https://magazine.jhsph.edu/2022/4-ways-decolonize-global-health and additional link to the series: https://globalhealthnow.org/2022-04/decolonize-global-health-week

• Lyn Horn. Ending scientific colonialism will make research more effective. Research Professional News. 11 March 2022. (Similar versions in Research Professional News Europe, and Research Fortnight). https://www.researchprofessionalnews.com/rr-news-uk-views-of-the-uk-2022-3-ending-scientificcolonialism-will-make-research-more-effective/

• Soumya Swaminathan (WHO), Bernard Pecoul (DNDi), Hisham Abdullah (MoH, Malaysia), Christos Christou (MSF), Glenda Gray (Medical Research Council, South Africa), Carel IJsselmuiden (COHRED), Marie-Paule Kieny (INSERM, France), Mariana Mazzucato (University College London), Veronika von Messling (Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Germany), Bernhards Ogutu (Kenya Medical Research Institute), John Reeder (TDR and WHO), John-Arne Rottingen (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Norway), Renu Swarup (Department of Biotechnology, India), Marcel Tanner (SwissTPH and Swiss Academy of Arts and Sciences), Nisia Trindade Lima (Fundação Oswaldo Cruz, Brazil), Michelle Childs (DNDi), Alex Harris (Wellcome Trust), Els Torreele (University College London), Suerie Moon (Graduate Institute of Geneva). What is biomedical R&D in the global public interest? Nature Comments. 10 February 2022. Nature 602, 207-210 (2022). doi: https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-022-00324-y


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UKCDR Equitable Partnerships Hub (Started 2021) lists the RFI as a key resource: https://www.ukcdr.org.uk/resource/research-fairness-initiative/

• The Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) highlighted “Year of Equitable Research Partnerships 2021” campaign on its website – https://www.acu.ac.uk/get-involved/how-the-acusupports-equitable-partnerships/

• The RFI was highlighted in episode 6, series 1 of the ACU’s Internationalist Podcast. This episode was titled “International Collaboration – a fairer future?” – https://www.acu.ac.uk/theinternationalist/?utm_content=buffer29f9c&utm_medium=social&utm_source=linkedin.com&utm_campaign=buffer

• The Policies for Equitable Access to Health (PEAH) blog mentioned the RFI YERP2021 campaign in a post and asked its readership to support and disseminate it. http://www.peah.it/2021/01/9349/

• Foxx, A.J, Franco Mel ndez, K.P, Hariharan, J, Kozik, A. J, Wattenburger, C. J, Godoy-Vitorino, F, Rivers, A. R. (2021). Advancing Equity and Inclusion in Microbiome Research and Training. mSystems, (6, 5). https://www.researchgate.net/publication/355187380_Advancing_Equity_and_Inclusion_in_Microbiome_Research_and_Training.

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• The “Last Mile” podcast series by iCHORDS supporting the WHO 2030 Neglected Tropical Disease (NTD) Roadmap episode 2 – “It’s Time for Fairness in Research Partnerships” – the purpose of RFI and its contribution towards NTD elimination and control neglect of research and implementation partnerships in global health ethics reason behind a wide range of unfair and sometimes inequitable practices presented by Prof James V. Lavery on December 14, 2021. (https://anchor.fm/ichords/episodes/Its-Time-for-Fairness-in-Research-Partnerships-e1bmt6l/a-a73g9he)

• IJsselmuiden C, Garner C, Ntoumi F, Montoya J, Keusch GT. R&D – more than sharing vaccines. A complete change is needed in the approach to and funding of global preparedness. Council on Foreign Relations. Think Global Health. 2021. https://www.thinkglobalhealth.org/article/rd-more-sharingvaccines


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