COHRED receives a substantial grant from Botnar Foundation to digitize the RFI

COHRED has received a substantial grant from the Botnar Foundation in Switzerland to digitize the RFI. Digitization will take place over 18 months between May 2019 – October 2020.

This grant will allow for the RFI website to be converted into an online digitial platform that will allow for the easy completion of RFI reports for institutions across the globe. The goals for the platform include improvements to the evidence base, meta-analysis of reports in order to understand trends and gaps, and will allow institutions to publish high quality reports with minimal effort and time.

This means you will be able to:
  • Work with a new and improved version of the RFI – that incorporates comments received from RFI users
  • Access the RFI website and find existing guidelines, practices and examples rapidly
  • Submit your institutional RFI report online reducing report writing time and effort
  • Publish high quality reports – selecting from several templates – with inclusion of your own graphics
  • Find lessons from everywhere and meta-analyses of reports to improve equitability in research collaborations

This will allow institutions, no matter how well-resourced, to produce high quality RFI reports which assist them in better understanding their practices, any gaps, and how they can improve on these in the future.

The RFI Team is excited to have the opportunity to improve the RFI system for all current and future users, and look forward to the coming months.