Global Consultation 3

partnerPartnerships are essential to deliver research and innovation for global health and development. Sustainable Development Goal 17 emphasizes that all the other Sustainable Development Goals rely on partnerships for their achievement. Yet, there is no agreed framework, benchmark, or standard of best practice on which to model governmental, corporate, non-profit, or academic partnerships – particularly not considering ‘fairness’ of international research collaborations to partners in low- and middle-income countries.

To address this critical gap, the Research Fairness Initiative (RFI) aims to create a reporting system that encourages governments, business, organisations and funders to share their efforts to develop fair partnerships by describing their policies and practices – and, in the process, develop better guidelines and benchmarks that will increase global capacity to deal with the challenges of global health, equity and development.

While we prioritize partnerships between institutions and countries with greatly different economic means, we find that, in reality, the RFI can be applied in any setting where partnership is key to research and innovation!

The Research Fairness Initiative is now ready for a third global consultation. We want to hear from you before we go live later this year. Please send us your feedback on these documents before the end of June to understand the RFI, to provide ideas for improvement, or to sign up to become a sponsor or early adopter!

What are we asking from you in this Global Consultation 3?

The RFI is now in its ‘pre-final’ stage, needing one more round of comments, examples, ideas or suggestions for implementation before the first users can begin RFI Reporting.

For Global Consultation 3 – please read the two basic documents:

  1. Introduction to COHRED’s RFI
    • Word version for you to provide your input. Please send your feedback to Lauranne Botti at <>
    • PDF version for reading and printing
  2. Summary of Areas for RFI Reporting


Please read the first 2 documents – and then provide us with feedback, comments, ideas to improve, suggestions for dissemination, recommendations for implementation or other contribution you wish to make.

If you want to understand the RFI in more detail, there are two technical documents:

  1. RFI Implementation Manual
  2. RFI Reporting Guide

If you would like to access these draft documents, please contact Lauranne Botti: