Subscription Information

The RFI will function most effectively as a global instrument to improve research collaborations if it is financially sustainable and not dependent on any single major source of funding. While financial support at the start is needed to maintain a small RFI Team, it is envisaged that finances derived from subscriptions will fund the basic operations of the RFI – in specific: Validation of RFI Reporting, the RFI Web, and RFI Governance.

This ‘basic’ funding is likely to be supplemented for value-added services, studies, and sector-specific engagements, for example.

We anticipate that between 350-500 active users are needed for the RFI to reach financial sustainability at the basic level – and we anticipate to reach this level within 3 years.

As usual for the RFI Team, we have consulted quite widely on a fair way of distributing fee-based revenue – and the following is the result.

These subscription fees are based on:

  1. Requirements to maintain a minimal RFI infrastructure that can still deliver the basic services : validation, global learning, and governance – as administered through a non-profit organisation.
  2. Absolute affordability for any organisation engaged in global health research partnerships, anywhere in the world that wishes to become and remain an RFI Reporting Organisation as part of its strategic plan.

As a result, the RFI Subscription Fees are based on organisational budget (i.e. the total budget of organisations – programmes – businesses – departments or ministries that wish to produce their own ‘institutional’ RFI Report), for-profit or non-profit character (as for-profit organisations can include these costs as part of marketing and/or social responsibility expenditure), and World Bank classification of national budgets for government departments wishing to produce or use the RFI Report.

The RFI Team is open to innovative ways of paying for RFI Subscriptions, such as:

  • Including subscription fees as part of research grants
  • 3rd party support to pay for subscription fees
  • or any other proposal that will make it possible to become an RFI Reporting Organisation while, at the same time, ensuring financial viability of the RFI System


All resources placed on the RFI Web are freely available at this time. However, the validation of the RFI Report, use of the RFI Logo and listing as RFI Reporting Organisation on the RFI Web are available only to those whose RFI subscriptions are current.


            An easy, online payment system will be available shortly.

In the meantime: The following payment options are available in USD:

  • Electronic Bank Transfer: Please contact Monica Gazzetta at for bank transfers
  • Cheque: Please make cheques payable to COHRED and send them to COHRED, P.O.Box 2100, 1211 Geneva 2, Switzerland